Sahara Penguins is an Indie Game Development studio. We are a group of friends who strive to build inspiring games. We enjoy the synergy between game and player and want to make the most of it through engaging characters and wholesome gameplay.


Starting Point

Sahara Penguins started in January 2011 when we made our first game together, at Global Game Jam. The game itself didn’t work after the 48h. It was a real mess. But it was fun! We had never made anything by ourselves, used art software for a purpose larger than practicing, met so many people with the same interests in such short time… we had no idea we could actually make a game! Since then, we’ve developed many games and we are quite proud as we can see our improvement.


We are currently working on CurioLab a warm management game about the pleasure of discovery the world and its ecosystems for the first time with a scientific team of cute animal friends! On hold and low development work we have: Parallels Memories, a calm multiverse puzzle point and click game; and Downtown Sergyo, a card game about a beaver trying to build a home.



Awards & Recognition

  • "STARTUP RIO 2020 Accelaration Program - FAPERJ government grant, for CurioLab." Rio de Janeiro, 20 November, 2020
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